Ayo is a Deloitte LLP trained chartered accountant (ACA) and is an experienced risk and assurance specialist

Ayo is a Deloitte LLP trained chartered accountant (ACA) and is an experienced risk and assurance specialist, with a demonstrated history of delivering high impact projects to clients across a variety of industries including, the financial services industry and more recently mining and metals industry.

Ayo’s passion and interest in diversity and inclusion in the work place is what led her to found the Women Empowerment Network. She also supports in the development of the first Women's Initiative at Anglo American plc (FTSE 100), where she helps to organise personal and professional workshops.

Ayo was named in the “Future Leaders Powerlist 2011” which profiles 100 of Britain’s Brightest Students/Graduates of African/Caribbean Origin (, also featured in various media such as the Evening Standard).

About The founder

 " I am not a product of my circumstance, I am a product of my decision " -  Stephen Covey

I have faced a number of obstacles and challenges on my journey to success, but I now realise that what matters the most is the decision and actions I take,

After graduating from a Russel league university, and landing a much sought after graduate scheme with a top professional services firm, I believed that everything would be uphill from there. Well, not quite…. It took a left turn, slight dip, merry go round, before I finally jumped off the rollercoaster.

I soon realised that although I had the technical skills for the job, I lacked the softer skills to properly manage my career. Throughout my academic life, I had received guidance and sound advice but I found such guidance and mentorship was in great lack when thrown into the corporate world.

With a lack of guidance on how to maneuver the male dominated corporate world, I found myself fighting to survive on a day to day basis… forget thriving, I just needed to make it past 5.30pm. At the time I thought it was the corporate world that was the problem, so I decided to start my own fashion tech company. Seriously?!?!

I soon realised that the challenges women face are not limited to the workplace but can be found in entrepreneurship too. In a position of leadership as a woman, it was often difficult being self-confident and assertive, without being seen as bossy or too emotional.

Following an intense rant about the challenges I faced in my work place and business, I quickly realised that my experience was not all that unique. I decided to take action. I set up the Women Empowerment Network.